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  • Application - insulation
Application - insulation25305070
Peripherial insulation of walls and floors
Strip foundations 
Places where thermal bridges may appear
Partition wall constructions   
Inverted roofs 
Steep-sloped roofs   
Transport routes, parking areas 
Sides and top of door opening, reveal  
Reinforced concrete tie beams and other elements made of homogenous concrete   

Floor insulation

Synthos XPS PRIME panels due to its internal structure have a high compressive strength are particularly suited for thermal insulation of floors. As for the insulation of floors subject to high loads, such as the floors in garages for heavy equipment, warehouses, etc., it is recommended the use of 50 and 70 panels.

Perimeter insulation

Perimeter insulation - thermally insulates the building from the outside, directly below the ground level, and additionally protects the waterproofing layer from mechanical damage.

Synthos XPS PRIME parameters panels enable them to be used to insulate cellar walls, walls and foundation panels exposed to direct contact with the ground and the groundwater existence.

Synthos XPS PRIME plates ensure the achievement of high performance insulation, zero water absorption, high compressive strength, resistance to mechanical, biological and chemical, ease and speed of processing and assembly.

Inverted roofs

Roof insulation with inverted layers where thermal insulation is placed on the sealing layer has a number of benefits, especially when it comes to providing optimum working temperature waterproofing, to protect it from damage and enhance the stability of the whole roof.

This roof structure is suitable for covering with gravel or a layer of greenery, used as a parking area or a terrace. Synthos XPS PRIME plate due to the special properties such as compressive strength, high thermal insulation, low water absorption, frost resistance are suitable material for such applications.

Steep-sloped roofs insulation

Perfect thermal insulation parameters enable Synthos XPS PRIME panels to be used as the insulation of steep-sloped roof. On account of its high strength of panels, it can be used to to support the weight of the roof covering and the installation of the supporting structure. This, combined with the simple processing method, enables smooth and easy installation process. The arranging of panels into a single, continuous layer minimizes the thermal bridges creation.

Prevention of thermal bridges creation

Effective insulation of the building requires particular attention to be paid to the places where thermal bridges are created and quick a cooling (tie beams, plinths, concrete elements of the wall, corners and wall connections). For this purpose, it is recommended to use 30-IR panels with a specially shaped, moulded surface allows for enhanced adhesion.


Thermal insulation of roads, railway tracks and airports

Unique characteristics of Synthos XPS PRIME panels related to the mechanical strength, resistance to freezing and defrosting, as well as low absorbability, cause that they are used in the construction of roads, bridges, railroads and airports.

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