The properly performed thermal insulation of floors and floorings, especially those based on the ground, significantly affects the comfort of use, and is extremely important as regards heat-loss reduction. The comfort of use of floorings is very important, not only in residential buildings. It is also understood as equating to efficiency in storage areas in warehouse facilities.

Flooring insulation is often exposed to increasing static and dynamic loads. Therefore, the thermal insulation used must be characterised by high compressive strength, and should not become deformed.

With excellent strength parameters due to their internal structure, XPS PRIME S and D panels are perfect products for the thermal insulation of floors, where the compressive strength is important. Their compressive strength at 10% deformation is 300 to 700 kPa, depending on the type of product, which makes it possible to use them for the thermal insulation of floorings exposed to high loads, such as in garages, for heavy equipment, and in warehouses, etc.




The use of XPS PRIME S and D extruded-polystyrene panels for the thermal insulation of floors and floorings ensures an adequate heat transfer coefficient “U” as a standard, and brings in many other advantages, the most important of which are:

  • excellent thermal insulation coefficient, i.e. a heat-conductivity coefficient of 0.029 to 0.035 W/(m*K) depending on the thickness of the panel,
  • excellent resistance to moisture and biological corrosion – the water absorption capacity of XPS panels at its long-term immersion is ≤0.7 %. In addition, XPS panels are not subject to biological corrosion, and are resistant to rotting and humic acids,
  • chemical resistance – XPS PRIME S, G, and D extruded-polystyrene panels are resistant to contact with most construction materials approved for use on the Polish market. Certain organic products containing solvents, as well as paint thinners and ordinary solvents such as acetone, ethyl acetate, methylbenzene or white spirit and coal tar and its derivatives, are exceptions. These products destroy the structure of extruded polystyrene, causing the loss of its original properties,
  • excellent strength parameters – extruded-polystyrene panels have excellent strength parameters. Their compressive strength at 10% deformation is 300 to 700 kPa, depending on the type of product
  • resistance to a wide range of temperatures – the temperature range for XPS applications is -60° C to +70° C,
  • the panel is very easy to assemble: all products made of XPS panels can be assembled with the same products as ordinary EPS foamed polystyrene,
  • a fully recyclable panel – extruded polystyrene is a fully recyclable product.



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