Main parameters XPS PIRME D

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  • Characteristics
  • Packing
  • Dimensions of board in transportation [mm]
properties [unit]D 30
edge finishL
density ρ [kg/m3]29 - 36
format [m]1,25x0,6
reaction to fire [Euro class]F
thermal conductivity coefficient 
(10 °C) λ [W/(mK)]
from 0,029 up
compressive strength at 10 %
relative deformation σ10 [kPa]
≥ 300
average achieved long term water absorption
WL(T) [%] *
≤ 0,30
panel thickness d [mm]50, 100

 * related to average values of parameters reached at Synthos laboratories

XPS board thickness [mm]No. of boards in a package [pcs.]Insulation surface in a package [m2]Number of packages in loading unit [pcs.]Insulation in loading unit [m2]Volume in a package [m3]Volume in loading unit [m3]Height of a loading unit with beams [m]

* Dimensions of the loading unit [mm]: 1265 x 1230 x 2480

Finishing of the edgesLengthWidth
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