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Synthos S.A., thanks to its many years of experience, has created a new product based on extruded polystyrene – Synthos XPS PRIME.


XPS (extruded polystyrene) is a modern thermal insulation material. Thanks to its closed cellular structure, it exhibits a number of unique features which are very useful in the construction industry. XPS extruded polystyrene is characterised by very good thermal insulation, resistance to moisture, and high strength.


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Kamila Kolasa,
junior generalist


Kamila is into healthy lifestyle. She is keen on exploring Greece and recently, she started to develop her new passion - flying.


Telephone number: +48 33 847 34 78


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Young zone

Join our team and launch your career in the chemical industry! We seek open-minded people with fresh ideas and heads full of knowledge. Do you see yourself as a genius? Apply for available jobs or take part in one of our grant programmes for young scientists.

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